Dec 18, 2017
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Jul 24, 2017
Even Fido likes flashing his shiny smile!
Apr 10, 2017
How could you resist that smile?
Apr 3, 2017
Be the reason
Jan 30, 2017
Don't forget yours!
Jan 29, 2017
The Definite Don't's
Most dentists agree that while your teeth are powerful and strong, they should not be used as: pliers, coat hangers, ice crushers, potato chip bag openers, knot looseners, fork tine straighteners, or frozen candy bar chompers.
Jan 28, 2017
Watch Your Mouth!
Of course you should cut down on soda! Having a sip every once in a while is allowed, as long as you do it in the best way possible. Use a straw so that the chances of soda touching your teeth are limited, and rinse your mouth water afterward to reduce the risk of cavities.
Jan 27, 2017
Smart Mouthguards Preventing Injury
Wearing a Smart Mouthguard could save you from a concussion, something that hundreds of thousands of athletes suffer from every year.
Jan 26, 2017
Acceledent is a new device in the orthodontics market that can get you in and out of braces in half the time! Check out this article and see what all the buzz is about.
Jan 25, 2017
5 Braces-Approved Breakfast Smoothies
These five smoothies are delicious, nutritious, and make for the perfect post-braces breakfast meal! Check it out and let us know which one is your favorite.